Frequently Asked Questions

What is Go|Games?

Go|Games is a Subscription Club for Games and Apps. For a fixed and attractive fee, you get unlimited access to hundreds of the best Android games and apps.

How do I subscribe to Go|Games?

Click on the Menu icon in the top left corner, then "Join Club" and follow the on screen instructions. 
 Click on a game, then "Install" and follow the on screen instructions.

How do I pay for the subscription?

The payment is made periodically from your mobile balance.

How do I install a game/app?

You can install a game/app from the club when you have subscribed to the service and have an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data. 

Open the club, click on a game/app and then click "Install".

How many games/apps can I download?

If your subscription is active, you can download and use as many games/apps you want.

How many games/apps can I have on my smartphone?

On average, the available games/apps are about 40 megabytes. If you have 2 gigabytes of space free on your smartphone, it's possible to store approximately 100 applications.

Where do I find my installed games/apps?

Open the club, click on the Menu icon in the top right corner and then "My Apps". Here you can find all games/app that have been installed.

How do I uninstall a game/app?

Simply go to the support button and click on un subscription then click YES and you will be able to "Uninstall".

Why am I not able to download a game/app?

Should you encounter any issues downloading a game/app, check the following: 

1. The storage space on your smartphone (the game/app will not download if there is insufficient storage space on your smartphone)
2. Your connection (a bad connection can prevent a download from completing). 
3.Under settings, security device administration, check unknown sources which allow installation of applications from sources other than play store.

What is the price point of the service?

Price starting from BDT 2.00

When I cancel my subscription, can I still use downloaded games/apps?

No. Games/apps are associated with the subscription, if you cancel the subscription, you can no longer use the installed games/apps.